ProjectRE provides full project visibility to your team & saves time.

Harness powerful features to remove costly human error & generate higher returns.

ProjectRE brings your project sales & marketing to life.

Evolve your process from excel to a bespoke suite of property management tools. Import csv files straight into ProjectRE and immediately see the benefits of a collaborative environment, a nimble user-friendly interface and actionable insights which will save you time and boost revenue.

Stock Management

Manual spreadsheet-based stock management is inefficient and prone to human error. Our experience shows it has actually cost you money.

Digitise your project quickly, easily and accurately. Your newly digitised plans will be accessible to all stakeholders, including select sales agents and managers. Your sales results and bottom line will benefit from collaborative tools - allowing you to dynamically price your project, value key selling features and instantly update pricing.


Divide & conquer. Not all agents, or agent databases, are created equal. Certain lots will yield a higher return or a faster sale when allocated to specific criteria within a distribution network. Match specific lots to the best sales team at the right time.

Contract Admin

ProjectRE tracks and manages the sales process from allocation to settlement.

De-risk and settle with confidence. ProjectRE collates comprehensive purchaser data and provides unique risk assessment and analysis. From tracking real-time purchaser risk-status to which financier is valuing your development favourably.  

Dashboard and notifications

Stay connected with information you can act on. ProjectRE provides a real-time project heartbeat 24/7. See information ranging from contracts issued to settlements as well as overall project status. This information empowers key stakeholders to take a proactive approach to managing the sales and marketing process.

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